Max S

All your time and money

I got the bug before I went to school. There was a family of racers on my block and I dreamed of the day I would own a car like thiers. They owned a mustang fastback and would tune and test in front of my house. I was completely hooked. in 2001 I my kids were grown and I made the purchase. A 66 Mustang fastback that needed alot of love. We started what I thought would be a 1 year resto and it took 5. The more I worked on it the more I wanted to do. I ended up upgrading the brakes, suspension, Transmission, Rearend and many other aspects of the car. It became an obsession and my wife started referring to the car as the other women. AKA (The Bitch) I spent many hours after work and entire weekends working on her. When we planned vacations I planned the destinations based on car shows and parts hunting. When we were in Reno I stopped in at Summit and picked up my 5 speed overdrive. My wife was thrilled, Not. The dream of owning a classic mustang has turned into a wonderful family project with my kids, friends and inlaws all pitching in. Even my wife worked on the design of the custom features and it turned out great. Since we finished her we have attended many local car shows and have recieved many trofies and have enjoyed many sunny day cruises.

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