Tom L 1953 Chevrolet 210 2dr Sedan

Abigail, my 53 Chevy Belair 210 2Dr Sedan, a 40 year Quest !

While in HS in the 60's my brother had a 56 Ford Fairlane(Black on Yellow). That started my dream of having a min 50's Two Tone. In 1970 I went away to College & started my life. After graduating, I got married & had kids, a mortgage & the typical bills life brings.

I never forgot my dream of a mid 50's Two Tone. Now retired & after 42 years in Healtcare, paying off the house, watching the kids grow up & leave home, I decided last year to start the search for my car. I scanned the internet & found a nice 53 Chevy Belair 210 2Dr Sedan(restored but all original). A 1 owner small town SC car, restored by a reputable Classic Car Dealer in Atlanta. After speaking to the current owner & restorer for a month I bought it last September 2013. It needed a rear break job & a good tune up but that's all. He had redone the interior and paint to the original Chevy Ivory & Chocolate Brown. I bought it & had it shipped to Houston.

I've been driving it almost every day for 6 months-cruising & running errands. I went to the local Nifty Fifties Car Meet last Saturday & she was a hit.

It really gets a lot of attention, honks, thumbs up & "can I take a picture". I'm happy to tell her story from a small town in SC to Atlanta to Houston. Abigail is the answer to my 40 year Quest for a Mid 50's Two Tone.

Cruising & having fun with Abigail in Houston, Texas.

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