Daniel J 1936 Pontiac Deluxe Eight 4dr Touring Sedan

A lifelong quest

When I was a little child I would spend the summer at my Grandparents house in rural Washington State. While I was there I would go by my Great Uncles house and look thru the window of an old garage building and the old cars that were parked inside and covered with dust. It seems that my Great Uncle never got rid of a car when he got a new one. he just parked them. I didn't know exactly what they were, but I was already blessed with a love of all things automotive. I never did get to go inside that building.

Jump ahead 50 years....At my mothers funeral a couple of years ago I was talking to my cousin. It was his fathers building and cars. He had passed on many years before. I asked him about the cars and he informed me that the building and the cars was there exactly as I remembered it. As we get older the passing of a family member reminds you that maybe you should not put off things you might want to do. Anyway, my cousin invited me to come up and he would let me in. This was something I had dreamed of my entire life. It was even one of the first stories my wife remembers me telling her.

There were a number of cars in the building. There was a 36 Pontiac Deluxe Eight Touring sedan,a 39 Plymouth, a 52 Ford F1 pickup, a Whizzer and a Model T that my family came across country in in 1929! i didn't even know that car existed! After a few months of talking my cousin agreed to sell me the Pontiac if I would promise to keep it in the family and drive it to his house once I had it running.

It is now in my garage and I am working towards a resurrection of sorts. It is an amazing car. No rust as it was in dry storage since 1952. I even found a grocery list, a full unopened beer bottle and a church program from 1948 under the back seat.

Oh yes, the name.... My mother whose passing kind of brought this all to happen was named Ella. My first and precious grandaughter who will be two this month is named after her. I brought the car home shortly after her birth. It just seemed right to make the connection between the two with a car from my Mother's era. Simply put the car will always be Ella and will be passed down to our grandaughter when the time comes.

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