Donna G 1964 Sunbeam Alpine II 2dr Convertible

1st Convertible, a widows story.

When I went shopping for that 1st car I found a old faded red Fiat Spider, Dad quickly talked me out of it. Off to college with a AMC Gremlin not my dream car but good cheap economy car for the time. Married my college sweat heart and with kid still dreaming of a convertible to drive. Husband says, "If you had one you would hate it, cold in the winter and hot in the summer" convertibles are not good family cars. The years pass and on a visit with my dad, husband says he would like to restore a classic, you have a piece of history that money cannot really buy. Hubby wants a 73 big block Pontiac transam, I chime in with you know I always wanted a convertible! Years pass and hubby finally finds his dream car, annoyed but we get a loan on a car that does not run. Dad finds in a friends field 3 British cars that need to be hauled off so they can sell the property. Wahoo convertibles, this one is in good shape for sitting in a field for 20 years. Dad calls us and to my surprise hubby borrows a trailer and we haul home this Sunbeam Alpine. I don't think we ever gave Dad the 50 bucks he paid the land owners to let him haul off my Alpine. Alpine cleaned out, rats and mice lived in it, stored in garage and the years pass. Typical we have the money and no time or we have the time and no money to start the projects. Teased my young daughter it was a Flintstones car since the floor boards were rusted out you just put you feet down and push to make the car go. Finally we start restoration on the two cars his Pontiac and my Sunbeam, and then fate steps in. Husband is diagnosed with colon cancer and at 42 he losses the battle. The friends working on the Sunbeam call they have the body work done, they have the motor restored and what would I like to do? The Sunbeam is completely disassembled and ready to piece back together. I want my convertible life is to short I don't want to wait any longer or put if off lets finish this. I sell his Pontiac and put the money into the Sunbeam. It takes 3 years to complete the Sunbeam they were 1+ year into the restoration when husband passed. I become involved with the restoration by finding parts, I join the National Club and attend car shows looking for other Sunbeams. When I needed a outlet to meet people and not be depressed, being a widow changes so many things in your life, a small LBC (Sunbeam) was sent to open new friendships. Hubby was so very wrong I LOVE driving a convertible. What to name my 64 Sunbeam Alpine, well lots of the parts came from Victoria British, and looking into the name Victoria I lean that Queen Victoria and I were both widowed at 42. Victoria is to much of a English name so I decide on Vicki as her name. So Vicki the Alpine and I find happiness driving with the top down. We also found someone else that loves the owner and can help keep Vicki on the road, hubby No. 2 had to pass the slave cylinder change out test before the I do's were said. When Vicki was finally restored we put a plague in Vicki the Alpine that she was restored in my late husbands memory. I remarried but I want the plague to stay, he never saw her finished but I know he is looking down and smiling.

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