RAUL GEORGE G 1972 Dodge Dart Demon 340 2dr Coupe

It found it's way home.

In late summer of 1971, I was 20 years old and working at a Dodge dealership and crazy about all the muscle cars coming and going. I especially liked the new addition that year to the Dodge line of muscle cars, the DEMON 340.

I was convinced that I would own one, so I went into the dealership's owner and sat down and created my DEMON 340. Shortly after having ordered the DEMON 340, the dealer called me into his office and said, he had received a letter from Chrysler that my order was too late for building a 1971 DEMON 340 but, I could get a 1972 DEMON 340 with all the items requested on the 1971. I told the dealer to go ahead and place the order on a 1972. Manufacture (build) date on the 1972 DEMON 340 is SEPTEMBER 1971.

In the summer of 1972 I drove from central Nebraska to Chicago, Illinois to the famous Mr. Norm's dealership. Once there I had the DEMON fitted with headers, hemi turbo mufflers, aluminum intake, Holley double pumper carburetor, 4.10 gears and dyno tuned. Mr. Norm's placed a dyno tuned sticker in the passenger side window and that same sticker is still there today 43 years later.

I took delivery of the 1972 DEMON 340 in October of 1971 and loved the car so much that I only drove it on weekends, dry weather and special occasions. In the summer 1976 I met my wife and was driving the little DEMON. I recall her dad would complain about the rumble and noise it made. In late 1976 we decided to get married and when I told my parents, they asked if I had the funds. I replied, not really at which my father took advantage of my replied and said, sell the DEMON it just sits in the garage taking up space. So, a choice was made and the sale DEMON was made. A verbal promise was made with the buyer that if he ever sold the DEMON, I would have first opportunity to purchase it back.

As fate would have it, in the summer of 1982 a friend came to my house and asked if I knew that my DEMON 340 was in a car lot for sale in a neighboring community. I could not believe it but, decided to drive there and find out for myself. Upon, arriving at the dealer lot that I had been told about I did not see the DEMON. I asked a salesman on the lot and he confirmed that the DEMON had been there and sold that day. I relayed my story and he said he wished I had come sooner. I asked why and he proceeded to tell me that a 17 year old had purchased it and actually did not have the total amount being asked and the buyer got a friend to lend him the needed money and took the car. I was so angry that I did not asked for any further information and went home.

Soon after learning the DEMON was sold I was accepted for a job here in California and I packed my belonging, my wife and our 2 baby boys and headed west. During the passing years I searched for my little DEMON with no luck. The dealership that I had bought it from had closed and the dealership that sold the DEMON to the 17 year old had also closed. I was unable to get any help from Nebraska DMV and gave up hope thinking it was now scrap metal.

SURPRISE OF A LIFE TIME: In August of 2011 (29 years later), I received a friend request on Facebook and did not know the requestor, so I sent him a private message stating that I did not know him why would he want to be friends? He replied that he thought he might have something that I would want back. I was almost afraid to ask what that could be and after several days had the courage to ask what it was he had. He replied a 1972 DODGE DART DEMON 340. I fell out of my chair when I read the reply and simply asked CONDITION? He replied 58,000 actual miles and I apologize for changing the tires and radio.

In December 2011, I purchased my little DEMON and had it transported from Nebraska to California. The little DEMON is exactly the way it was when I sold it with the exception of very few extra miles, different brand tires and an upgraded radio. The gentleman that I purchased my DEMON from was the same 17 year old that purchased my DEMON in 1982. The DEMON was basically stored for me which I believe was meant to be. Life is good and better now that I have both the same woman and the same little DEMON 340.

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