Miklos K 1985 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Coupe


Trudy was my first boy friends grandmother. She loved her Fords. This 1985 T bird was the last thing she drove before she went blind and could not drive. It sat in her driveway for over 10 years with only a few days of starting her up and her son taking out around the complex. Once she passed away the family knew my love of cars and offered it to me. I brought it back to her original condition with some minor flares that I knew Trudy would like. It's now 2014 and the Bird I call Trudy only has 63K miles. She drive real nice and is getting lots of looks. These birds were plenty to be had in their day but now they are very hard to find. She enters all the local car shows and only gets out when the weather is perfect. Here in the North east the winters are rough so Trudy sleeps in a garage until the last stone it picked up from the roads.

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