Mike S 1965 Chevelle Malibu Convertable

The One That Didn't Get Away.

I bought the '65 Chevelle my senior year of high school (1968). In those days not everyone in high school had a car, much less a convertible. My friends and I had a lot of fun living our version of American Graffiti in it. I then drove the car during my college years at Wichita State, gave it to my brother who then drove it through his college years at the University of Tennessee. It was still a good driver but getting a little ragged inside and out. I got it back from him and drove it for another four years before restoring it. It is now spends most of it's time under a cover in my garage. It is greatl fun to take it out on nice days or summer evenings. All the thumbs up and questions we get add to the pleasure too.

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    Rob Stadnicki United States March 3, 2014 at 15:50
    Nice Chevelle! I had a '65 convertible too just after high school that looked very similar, but not nearly as nice. It had a 283 and 2-speed PowerGlide that smoked like a house on fire as I drove down the hills of rte. 1 in Glen Mills. That one did get away as did all of the classic cars I had in my youth: '69 LeMans from the original owner with owner's manual and Protect-O-Plate card, '71 split-bumper SS Camaro, '69 GTO convertible and '66 small block Corvette. I sold that last one in '97 and just last year was able to buy a '68 442 convertible that I love to drive; I've got the redlines too. Good luck to you and smooth driving with your Chevelle.

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