Steve S 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad 2dr Station Wagon

First car i bought by myself

I bought this nomad from a friend. $10-$25 dollars at a time till it was mine all $600 dollars. I pulled that mean 302 4 speed, headers, 4bbl carb, posy track rear end, and cheater slicks in front of the farm house. Dad asked who's car it was ? I told him it was mine and that I paid for it. With me buying it myself he could not tell me to get rid of it. Plus it was the fastest thing on the street in a town of 65,000 people. That was my first hot rod back around 1969 - 1970. I drag raced it before I went overseas in the Navy. Broke the rear axel and lost the first round. Those darn cheater slicks. I have about 3 years in ,on the restoration of fixing the rusted floors and front quarters. Frame is updated tubular a arms welded up cross members sway bars front and rear. Disc brakes power steering. I now have 331 cui with overdrive automatic and new A/C . When I pull up I front of my garage with the old Nomad and hear that thing idle. I remember dads question who's car is that ? It is mine !! The driving of this classic down the road again is so much fun. I have had this thing so long I don't think of it as a classic . It is just my first car I paid for myself.

Keep on driving Steve Shaw

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