jim g 1972 Chevrolet Nova 2dr Coupe

grandpa and grandmas 72 nova

my grandparents bought this nova new in 1972 6 cyl 3 speed on the tree i was 8 years old when they got it car is all original has 66000 miles on it grandpa quit driving it about 1985 and it stayed in the garage he bought a newer car with air and a automatic i loved that car since i was a kid i would wash and wax it for them grandpa told my mom that it would be my car someday grandpa passed in 1995 grandma didnt drive so both cars sat in the garage grandma passed in 1999 after things were settled i got the nova home my wife and i cleaned it up i did some tune up and other work to get it road ready the car still has the original paint and interior we have a picture of them standing by the car taken in 1973 it is on the dashboard that way when were out for a ride so are grandma and grandpa people tell me they are glad i didnt put a v8 in and left it alone they tell its nice to see one all original

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    Tailgunner Pacific Northwest March 19, 2015 at 08:30
    And a 2 door post to boot! A nice car and a nice legacy.

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