Bruce A 1974 Plymouth Cuda 2dr Hardtop Coupe


As a college Freshman in 1969, I saw the introduction of Plymouth's new E-body Barracuda and fell in love with it. My college Room Mate was a Chrysler Trouble Shooting winner of the same year, Earth Days came and went, then Graduation day 1973 and a Job with a Dow Chemical subsidiary making plenty of money, looking for my first new car, Mustang, Camaro, Firebird or Barracuda, what to chose? Get the 'Cuda, we're discontinuing it this year said X-room-mate, now with Chrysler Corporation.

So I did, it was manufactured in February 1974, delivered in March, with seat belt interlock system for safety and vacuum gauge for fuel efficiency thanks to Dicky Nixon's America. Jobs changed, car was always a hit, gained a wife and 'Cuda became second car, a beater.

Wife left, dog stayed, couldn't afford to replace the ratty 'Cuda, time to regroup and restore. Having some body and paint skills thanks to my

love of cars, I tore it apart, built a plastic cocoon, stripped, welded and refinished, and rebuilt it, correcting a 3/8 factory assembly flaw.

Cars came and went, but when the prospective new ladies came into my life, I brought out the 'Cuda, now re-worked with 50/50 weight distribution, and torch loaded for hook-ups, 928 Porsche's enjoyed looking at its rear 15 MPH safety bumper blocks. When I escorted a lady to my chariot, and heard "this is an old car" she would probably not make it to a "Good night kiss"time, but mostly was the "Oh, Wow, this is beautiful", Is that a Show Class Winner coat in the back seat? I'm kinda chilly…" My favorite thing to say when driving down a Main Street and a local "Fox" commented "Nice Car", I could always reply, "it would look better with you in it"

Now remarried. 'Cuda restored to factory spec. shares a garage with my Lincoln and Wife's Lexus, I love to pull up to a light and a young driver in his "Tuner" sits there at launch point and watches me blow him off turning 1,500 rpm through the intersection where if 'Cuda wasn't naturally intimidating, he'd cook me. It's all about reputation.

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