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My Time Machine

My brother "rescued" this car out of an Apple Orchard (where it had been sitting about t yrs.) in the spring of '86. After some minor mechanical work he was able to get it running and drove it home. He continued to do minor mechanical work for about next 6 months, never licensing the car.

In Nov. of '86 I purchased the car for my son for his 16 th. Birthday. He and I did some more work on it over the couple years, as soon as he graduated he went in the Army and the car sat again for couple years. Upon returning he decided he wanted to "Hot Rod" it more, so I convinced him that it might be a good idea to save the original 327 and Powerglide Trans. I donated a 350 motor and 352 TH Trans. I had sitting in the corner of my Garage. Well, to make a long story short, that "fad" passed rather quickly for my son. It was not very economical as a "daily driver". It was running 12 to 1 compression and he tried using "cheap" gas, and it caused lots of issues. So I ended up making a trade with him and I ended up with the car.

It got pushed into the corner of my Garage for about 16 years, and just sat there. Over this time I collected a lot of the parts I needed to restore the car. I had "a plan" what I wanted to do with the car.

In May of 2011 I located a guy who (as it turned out, to be a very close friend) would let me come in to his shop and help with the Body work. We did a complete "Ground up" restoration of the car. It now runs the original 327 rebuilt and "pumped up" to 400 hp., the Engine is dressed up to look just like a 302. It Still sports the "built-up" Turbo 350 Trans my son had used, with a 2500 stall Converter. And backed up by a 12 Bolt 4:11 Posi.

I suppose most would classify the car as a Resto-mod these days. But I prefer "Day 2", my mother always said "They never made a car you could leave alone". This was after seeing what I had done to a brand new car. So yes,"Day 2" suits my style. If I had bought this car brand new, (BTW I'm 66) within a couple years it probably would have ended very close to what it is today.

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