Kacy S 1972 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton 2dr Fleetside Pickup

Mean Green Eugene

Like the many folks that have shared their stories, mine starts with a similar beginning. As a young kid, I was exposed to the world of classic cars. I would have to say that it all started with my father. He is a great guy and tends to hold onto things that may or may not be needed; but in this story I am sure glad that he did keep a few things. Growing up, we always had a few extra vehicles around the house and all of them were classics. I can't say that they were all show cars but they did start my passion for classic vehicles.

That passion has continued in my life and I guess that classic cars have become my life. Not only have I graduated from McPherson College with an Automotive Restoration degree but I now have a classic myself and plan on acquiring a few more. Which brings me to my story and my first classic, Eugene.

During college, I knew that I wanted to get a restoration project to work on and enjoy. One day I was cruising a local car show and noticed a truck for sale outside of the show. Initially I didn't think anything of it but after some discussion with my parents, I called the seller and inquired about it. Within the next hour, a check had been written and we were driving my new purchase home. I ended up driving the truck everyday for the next 3 years and boy did we have some fun. Many of my close friends and family can tell story after story of me and this truck. My uncle even gave the truck a nickname - "Mean Green Eugene." From that point on Eugene and I were inseparable .

It was during my senior year of college that I had the opportunity to bring Eugene into the shop. I was just planning on doing some minor cosmetic repairs but after getting into the process a little further, it turned into a full blown frame off restoration. We initially replaced the rocker panels, cab corners and the rear cab crossmember during the time in the shop but we couldn't really stop there. Since this time, I have rebuilt the motor, freshened up the chassis, and are now in the processing of refinishing all the body panels. It has been an interesting and surprising process that I would never take back. As I continue to work on getting Eugene back on the road, I am already looking forward to the car shows and time on the road that we will have together.

It is the everyday passion and enthusiasm that makes me love the world of classic cars. Everyone that has helped me, provided advice, and who I have meet along this process exudes this excitement. I am happy to be working for a company like Hagerty that recognizes this passion and love. It is with much honor that I can provide a service to folks just like myself and continue to keep the hobby alive for future generations. That is why life is better in a classic!

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