Guy C 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

Karen & Guy's GTO and Memories

In October of 1967 I ordered my playboy car this Linden Green GTO convertible. It had a bench seat with arm rest so I could cuddle with any willing participants. The night after I ordered the car I went out with the boys to a local hangout where women & men of my age gathered. There I met my future wife and that ended my playboy ideas. The GTO was delivered on my 23 birthday in December of 1966. My wife to be got her engagement ring in the car, we took it to Montreal & Florida on our two part honeymoon. Sometime in 1970 we decided to sell the convertible and purchase a car with air conditioning because we were planning to have a child and thought it would be a more practical choice.

I retained a copy of the original registration and sometime around 1985 began to search for this GTO to see if it was still in one piece as we had not seen it in the area in several years. I was able to obtain the name of the last registered owner and found that it was no longer registered. I looked up that owner in the phone book and had attempted to call him on numerous occasions, to no avail.

In August of 2000 my son and I went to a local car show and met a fellow who had just built himself a beautiful '66 Burgundy GTO convertible. I told him of my former GTO and how similar it was to his '66.

He offered to build me a car similar to the one I had owned since he had located a body and frame for a '67 and could obtain the necessary engine , transmission and other parts needed to restore it. That perked my interest and I told him I would discuss the idea with my wife. She like the idea but wanted me to find out what had become of our original car first.

The very next day I tried again to call the last registered owner. By a stroke of fate this time he answered the phone. I explained that I was trying to find out what became of our original car, thinking that it was probably junked years ago since it hadn't been registered since 1985. To my surprise he said he still had it. It was tucked away in the back of his garage (a makeshift auto body shop) rusted, full of junk and covered with Bondo dust.

When I asked if he was interested in selling it he replied "if the price is right". Well he knew he had me since he was aware I was the original owner and wanted it back badly.

In October of 2000. I contracted the man I had met at the car show, to restore my GTO. I had it towed to his home where he would work on it in his garage. After completing and extensive restoration he got it back to me by June of 2001 which was remarkable as he only worked on it in his off hours as he had a regular job, a wife and two small children.

As you can see from the attached photo he did a beautiful job and it appears better than new. The color is original but is now base coat clear coat. The entire black interior, top and many pieces and parts are new, as well as the brakes and associated lines, gas tank and exhaust system.

Needless to say we probably enjoy the car more now than we did when we first owned it. I have taken it to many cruise in's and it always gets a lot of compliments on it's appearance and the story behind it.

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    Frank Wichita February 27, 2014 at 12:36
    A 'bench seat' in a GTO - what a wonderful idea! I did the exact same thing in November of 1966. I ordered my '67 GTO with a bench seat. The salesman told me that I could not get a bench seat, but I told him I had to have it so my dates could sit close to me while we drove around, and not have to straddle a console. I told him to put the automatic shifter on the column. He balked and told me that combination was not available. But I held my ground; I told him to order it with the Tempest front seat, with the auto shifter on the column or it was not going to happen. He called around and found out that it could be done, so the deal was struck. When the salesman called me in late December to tell me it was in, I was in heaven and called my current girl friend to drive me to pick it up. When we got there I could see it gleaming in it's red paint and black vinyl top. However my joy quickly turned to sorrow when I saw that it had bucket seats! I about cried, but I held my ground and told him to reorder it. I received another call in mid January, and this time they got it right. And just as Guy and Karen met and were engaged in their GTO, my wife and I met, got engaged and were married in May of 1968 and that GTO was our get-a-way car. Then the 'family' thing kicked in and we had to sell it. We discovered it about 6 years later parked across the street of our house where its current owner was visiting our neighbors. Yea, it was definitely ours (the same speaker holes in the doors, bench seat, high output engine and a column turbo hydromantic. I would have loved to bought it again, but alas the same 'family' thing got in the way. It's strange knowing that someone else had the same romantic idea about the front seat that I did.

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