Edward B 62vet/64Lemans

Dreams come true going full circle

It was 1970, I just returned from Vietnam and went to visit my friend at his speed shop. when I walk in we talked and he said I have a car for you. It was 1962 corvette no paint on it and he said that the guy wanted him to get in running and sell it he was staying in the service. I paid 1,200.00 and the car was mine. The years went by I married. I had a 1964 Lemans convertible with a GTO hood 421, 4 speed 390 rear car that I bought from my brother in 1967 Before I graduated from High school. So the first house came along just like all the car guys out there I had to make a decision. which car would go the 64 Lemans or the 62 corvette. so it was easy the corvette is plastic and the Pontiac metal. So the 1964 went. Years after the kids grew up and I was on my own. I fix the corvette back up and I started to look for my old Pontiac. Well I never thought that my Pontiac would be worth as much or close to the price of my corvette.

The reason is that in 1964 the Le mans was the GTO for just 250.00 you would get the hood and the GTO emblems and a 389 tri powered motor. Well I turned 65 years old and found a 1964 Lemans convert 4 speed 390 rear 326 motor. It is red where my old one was white but every other detail is the same except that this car has the factory air.

So I look for a home with a two car garage and now I made full circle. Its great to have the 2 cars that started me to have an interest in cars for all these years.

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