As I have been with Hagerty for many, many years, this is one wild story that I would like to share with the readers.

This is a 1960 Cadillac superior "haunted" hearse! It's a very rare original piece if Cadillac history, originally purchased in 1960 from the state of Oregon, and it is unrestored and all original as it was back then with the exception of the hubcaps, and the additional "haunted " house I have created inside (which is an extension of my haunted house!!...

I have this haunted house I have built in my upstate home over the past few years, and this is a very rare 1960 Cadillac hearse that is "haunted”!. I call it my "haunted hearse "on wheels", which previously mentioned, is an extension of my haunted house, and for Halloween every year, as well as car shows during the summer,, I drive this very rare 1960 haunted hearse around town catching everyone's attention, and stopping at different "haunts" and displaying the "animatronics" that is built inside. .I actually create traffic jams on the parkways, as people slow down to take out their cell phones out to take photos!!

The "hearse" is built with "animatronics" on the inside and lots of ghouls and creatures that go bump in the night and "jump" out at you! ...if guidelines allow, here are some fun links to see the hearse in action at a car show, and an interview link by a news station last Halloween.


I have photos with me with me and "butch Patrick" (Eddie Munster from the 60's hit show, the "Munsters", all grown up, & of course he signed the hearse as it reminded him so much of the "Munster Koach"!)... Believe me, this is like nothing you have ever seen before. It is over 22 feet long, and weighs over 6000 lbs. At shows, people say "awesome", "unbelievable", nearly scared the living daylights out me!!!, etc..

I have yet to hear anybody tell me they have seen another hearse like this anywhere, especially due to the fact that it is haunted. And yes, even when everything is off in the back, with absolutely no power going to the "creatures" that lie back there, I still hear things moving and groaning about, and that my fellow readers is no lie...........

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