Doug M 1965 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Convertible

Two Keepers

One November Saturday, a few years ago, my wife Margo, was throwing our daughter a bridal shower. I wisely decided to dissappear. My favorite way of doing that was to jump in my 1971 Volkswagen/Karmann Ghia and just drive.This particular day I was cruising North of town, in a beautiful mountain valley know as Cache Valley. I was passing through small farming communities on a wonderful little winding 2-lane road, when I spotted a familiar shape. It was an old faded red, '65 Volkswagen convertible parked on the front lawn of a quaint little farm house complete with an old barn. It made me smile to see the beautifully worn old bug. But as I neared, my eyes flew open! I could barely believe it....there in the window was a FOR SALE sign. I couldn't turn around fast enough....still not really believing what I'd seen. After a quick once over, I was amazed at how complete the car was! I was on the front porch in a flash, only to find no one home. I copied the phone number and resolved to call as soon as I could. Monday found me at our local Volkswagen shop, BC AUTOWERKS(aka BUGGCRAFT of Ogden)buying parts for one of our boys bugs, and I asked the manager, Burley Burlile, if he knew anything about the car. I suspected he might, as I'd spied an old BUGGCRAFT Show'n Shine sticker on the dash of the convertible. He smiled and said "I can tell you anything you want to know, it's my car"! We had a good laugh, and got down to business. While the price was very fair, I was reluctant to close the deal, as we have seven kids and lots of cars to maintain, plus I wasn't finished restoring the Karmann Ghia. I was overwhelmed. Burley smiled an said he was in no hurry, and he'd let me know before he did anything with the car. A cold, deep northern Utah winter soon followed, with the little red convertible tucked snuggly away back in the barn. That car haunted me all winter and into the spring, but by the time the Spring Show'n Shine rolled around again, my situation hadn't changed all that much, and I reluctantly told Burley to "find it a good home". He was very understanding, and said he had someone in mind that would "treat her right'. Weeks passed, and still I wondered if I'd done the right thing, letting that one "get away". A couple more months slipped by, and soon my 50th birthday drew near. I'd joked once about the red bug as a birthday present....and immediately regretted it, as I could tell I'd hurt Margo's feelings. FInally it was the eve of my birthday, and the night of our towns Founders Day Celebration. Margo had invited the family and close friends to the house for ice cream and cake while we watched the towns fireworks display from our deck. Just before dark, Margo ushered everyone out front to the driveway, and asked me to help unload my birthday present from the back of one of the boys trucks. "That's what I like", I said, "BIG presents that fit in a pickup bed". Imagine if you can my surprise at finding a certain faded red convertible Volkswagen sitting in the driveway, surrounded by friends and family, wearing a huge red ribbon across the windshield! Margo had purchased the bug that fall, and stored it in Burley's barn until my birthday. If there is a luckier man alive....I have yet to meet him. - Doug Maw

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