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My 65 Chevelle Keeper

I served four years in the Marine Corps and was driving a 1955 Chevrolet 2 dr hard top. I loved that car. Then I saw an ad for the new Chevelle. I started reading and found a lot of things to like besides the looks. They offered a new for 65 L79 327 engine with 350 HP and 4 speed. I ordered the car in November 1964 after fighting with the salesman who had never heard of the L79 option. I ordered the L79, 4-speed, metallic brakes in a Malibu 2 door hard top, Danube Blue (dark), blue interior. Delivery was delayed because of a strike in the positraction plant so I finally told them to deliver the car without positrac. I took delivery in early February 1965.

I courted my wife and we went on our honeymoon in the Chevelle. We hauled two boys around in it, went on vacations, picnics, the river and raced a "few" times. It was a major part of our lives for many years as a family hauler, grocery getter, commuter, and taxi for kids. It served as my daily driver most of it's life, driving in all weather and getting faded and worn.

I was always careful where I parked to minimize parking lot rash and I never wrecked the car. It was hit one evening parked on the street in front of our apartment in 1968. I had it repaired and drove on. There were two repaints over the years, neither satisfactory for very long. It was finally relegated to non-driver statue and parked in the back corner of the shop for a number of years before I finally decided to restore it.

In 2007 I started disassembling and removed everything down to a body shell and a pile of parts. I had the body sand blasted and a friend who owned a body shop did what repairs were needed and a very nice paint job back to original color in a modern paint. It looks fantastic. I rebuild the engine, suspension, transmission, and rear end, everything mechanical. All new upholstery was installed, some custom made pieces because of lack of available new parts. I finished the project in 2010.

The car now is better than it was new and looks like it did when I bought it. I love to drive it and always get complements and thumbs up. Many people ask what I will take for it and my response is, " you can talk to my sons after I am gone and try to talk them out of it."

So, 49 years later I still have my 65 Chevelle Keeper and still love it!

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