James L 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

A 17 year old and a 62 Vette for the day

About 1962 when I was a 17 year old and a junior in Elkhorn, Nebraska high school my uncle would come to our family summer cabin for visits. He was a Masonic Shriner in Omaha, Nebraska and was very active in the Shriners Corvette Club. It was always one of my favorite times to see him and his vette. That summer he started letting me take the vette out for a drive. Of course I would drive to the nearby town of Elkhorn where I went to school to show my friends. I thought I was pretty big stuff driving a new corvette around at my age. The Shriners always traded in the vettes every year so the 12 member club always had new cars, which had to be identical in appearance for their many parades that they participated in. That summer I got to drive the vette a couple of times. One time one of my friends said that his 60 Pontiac with the big engine could walk away from the vette. So we had to go out an see about that out on the old highway. Well, the vette just walked away from the Pontiac as I was doing about 90 at the finish line at the old Roberts Dairy farm. My uncle let me drive it the Junior Senior Prom that year which was a real special treat.

The next year I got to take it to graduation. That model was the 63 and a different car as they had to trade cars very year. Each member had a chance to choose the color for the next years cars, so each year was a completely new and different car. At that time I was planning on trying to purchase one from my uncle when it was time to sell or trade it off, but I just couldn't manage it. So for a couple of years during high school I thought I was "king of the road".

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