David L 1972 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Standard Steel 4dr Sedan

Worth The Wait!

Around 2001, I started to think about a "dream car" that my new wife and I could have for fun. I was convinced that it needed to be a 1972 (my birth year). Being 6'7", there are several cars that simply won't work for me (Jaguar E-Type, etc.). A customer where I worked suggested a Rolls Royce as a joke. From that day on, I started researching and looking for a 1972 Rolls Royce.

I talked about it regularly, although my wife was not convinced we could or should do it. Over the next decade, I looked for them regularly. Typically, they were located 1000 miles away or more. Over that period, I found 4 separate (local-ish) examples that I thought could be the one. I even test drove 2 of them. There was never a good time or the cost was too prohibitive.

The summer of 2011, I found one only a few miles from my home! After weeks of corresponding with the owner and after visiting and driving the PMC, I was able to negotiate a favorable price. It turned out the owner had sadly passed away before completing the restoration, and his grown children were selling it. They could tell I loved the car and would care for it for many years. I certainly have no intention of selling it!

Of the '72s I've seen, I think mine has the best colors (silver over black). I'm so glad 1972 was the last year of the all-chrome bumpers. I do not like the rubber strip in later years. The Nardi steering wheel is probably the most valuable part of the entire car, although I feel like a million bucks when driving it. I joined the RROC, and since Haggerty is visible as a sponsor at most auto shows I attend, they were a natural choice to insure my RR. I read Haggerty's Classic Car Magazine cover to cover each month, and it's such a cool added benefit.

We now have two kids, and our family loves to go for drives. I hope my kids drive it some day and that it stays a part of the family.

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