Steve A 1970 Plymouth Cuda 340 2dr Hardtop Coupe

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A friend in high school bought a new '70 Cuda in April 1970 which we cruised extensively in. He also used the car for work so by 1974 it had over 100,000 miles on it and the engine broke. While it sat in a garage my uncle gave me his 1967 Coupe de Ville convertible - white, white top and red leather - when its trans went taking the engine along with it. My buddy helped me pick it up and fell in love with it. "Let's trade cars and figure out the details later" he proposed and I went for it. I had the engine rebuilt and proceeded to drive the Cuda for 34 years and another 80,000 miles. In 2008 I removed every nut and bolt and performed a rotisserie restoration on the car. No trailer queen the car now goes anywhere.

Well we never did figure out the details and the Caddy went to GM Heaven about five years later. To this day, someone will go up to my buddy at a party and say "Hey you got a car you want to trade me??" He doesn't laugh.

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