jim g 1971 Pontiac Ventura II 2dr Coupe

my first ride

i bought this car when i was 17 back in 1981 i mowed 6 lawns a week and painted my grandparents house to buy it the car was at a body shop right next door to my grandparents house grandpa showed me the car they were going to paint the car sliver i said something about it being red but didnt think any more about it grandpa called me a few weeks later said my car was ready when mom took me to get it we pulled in grandpas driveway and i seen the front of it and it was red grandpa told them to paint it red after i went home the car has been restored 2 times first time on the frame resto 2nd time of the frame all done in my home 2 car garage except for paint the car was used in our wedding my wife helped with the resto along with family and friends we drive the car as much as possable during the summer it now has a 5 speed overdrive wit a 406 ci 373 gears i have had this a long time and it is neat to have something you dont see a lot of driving a classic is cool the looks and thumps up you get makes it worth it

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