Cindy H 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof

A very special 25th Anniversary.

My husband and I have been married for 34 years this coming July 2014, Over the years I have watched as Jim ( my husband ) and our 2 sons have had their fun with musclecars, 4x4 trucks, Honda odyssey's and dirt bikes. Well in 1985 my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of macular degeneration which caused him to lose his license and job, now my husband is a fighter and he fought to retain both but with no hope he gave up the fight but not his will to play with cars and trucks, besides helping our 2 sons with their projects he also knew I loved Mustangs I've owned 4 a 67 coupe / 78 cobra / 95 GT now the 70 Mach1 pictured here that Jim sold his 67 GTO to buy me this Mustang as my 25th wedding anniversary present for sitting on the sidelines while our 2 sons and him had all the fun.

He found the car on the internet in Colorado Springs and we are the 3rd owner, our oldest son lived there so he had him look it over before sending a deposit. Our son approved it and the deposit was sent but when we picked it up Jim was upset because our son didn't look it over more closely and it needed a lot of metal work but we took it home anyway. For the next 5 years it has had new quarters / trunk floor / outer wheel houses / doors and hood replaced then having it painted it's original rare Chestnut Metallic color in BC/CC along with subframe connectors / suspension components / complete painless chassis kit with a painless H4 headlight conversion. Drivetrain upgrades include a AOD transmission / rebuilt 9" rearend with a Strange posi center section with 3.50 gears / MSD ignition / FPA headers & dual Flowmasters exhaust / edelbrock high flow water pump / griffin aluminum radiator with dual electric fans and 4 wheel disk brakes and he added a original Ford shaker assembly off ebay for me. The interior has been restored to original except for the AM/FM/CD with 6 x 9 speakers inside with a 12 " subwoofer and 100 watt power amp in the trunk.

Now we don't believe in trailering our cars to shows, they were made to be driven so that's what we do, it has been to a number of local shows over the last 3 years and has won quite a few trophies but we enjoy showing and driving it more than any awards. We took it 2 summers ago to the Heartland Goodguys show in Des Moines, Iowa which was a 300 mile round trip then last summer we took it to a Rte 66 show outside Springfield, Illinois which was a 800 mile round trip. Now we have already made plans to take it to Loveland, Colorado for the Goodguys show there June 6th thru the 8th which will be a 1800 mile round trip for us, thankfully it has A/C and with the AOD it get's about 20.5 mpg, the only other upgrade we hope to do before going to Colorado is upgrade to newer style Mustang seats as we are not getting any younger and the 70's seats are not very comfy on long trips. I would have to say classic cars drew us together and has kept us together all these years.

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