Steve A 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

A 69 Vette for a 69 Vet!!

While I have loved Corvettes since seeing my Cousin's '61 as a kid, it didn't become my "Dream Car" until I enlisted in the Navy in April of 1969. The C-3's REALLY caught my attention, even more so than the previous generations. While I admired them "from afar" I never, actually, considered buying or restoring one. Fast forward to 2009 and after college, medical school, marriage and raising two sons and finishing my 33rd year of military service having joined the Army Reserves while in medical school in 1982. My wife and I were having breakfast in a resturant that had the latest issue of "Auto Trader" and while browsing through it I came across a 1969 Red Corvette Coupe for sale. I didn't the contact area code was in my neck of the woods and I called the owner and it turned out to be an old patient of mine! He was having health problems and he had not been able to drive the car for some time and decided to sell it. He had an interested buyer driving down from Michigan to take a look at it but he never got the chance because we bought it the next day! It was "love at first sight" and my wife knew that I was going to buy it even before I knew it myself! As it turns out, she came off of the assembly line in St. Louis on April 1st, 1969; the same month and year I had enlisted in the Navy! That's when I KNEW that she was meant to be ours. She was a bit "rough" and had been worked on by a lot of different "Bubba Mechanics" but I knew she had potential. Her original 427ci-390hp "big block" had, reportedly, been pulled to put in a Nova that the owner was racing and blew up in it's second race. It was scrapped and a crate 350ci was put in the Vette. It had, at least, 3 other owners before I bought it and I could write a book about what all each of them did with her! Bottom line: she ended up with a 383 Stroker that had been built by an old neighbor of mine to put in a pick-up truck he was restoring to race. His health prevented him from completing that project and he sold the engine to his buddy who was the owner of this Vette. Reportedly, the engine dyno'd out at 425hp. She had a TH-400 AT and a Rochester Quadrijet. The brakes were a disaster and the cockpit got so hot you could hardly stand it. She would, easily, overheat on a hot day. Ruth Restorations in Grafton, OH was who I turned to for a body-off "restomod" and Craig and Bob Ruth worked wonders on her and we are confident to drive her anywhere now. All new or restored frame, suspension, brakes, wiring and firewall and cab completely insulated. Engine torn down and rebuilt and runs like a dream! Found the original clutch pedal under the carpet so she went back to a "stick" with a TREMAC 5-speed tranny and she runs as cool as a cucumber with a new radiator and twin electric fans. The body and chrome were decent enought and, since we bought her to drive, we didn't worry about rechroming or repainting her. She looks PLENTY good for us and has won "Best Corvette" at several local car shows. Her name is "Woodstock" and her license plate is US VET 69. I guess that about says it all! Like my wife and I, "Woodstock" and I plan on growing old together and, each day, more in love!!

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