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My First Car

Bought my '60 Chevy when it was a year old. It is red and white, same colors as my high school colors. Even back then red was my color so of course I had to have this car. Since I was under 21, she was put in my Mother's name.

Then when I got married in '63, Mom put it in my husband's name since that was what you did back then. Well in '65, we were going to buy a new car and trade the '60 in. Neither Bob nor I could part with it. So we parked it. For about 15 years it lived in a cabin back in the woods with no heat or air conditioning. The cabin then was pretty old and had been used for farm machinery storage. The sliding door where we put the car in had 2 trees growing outside. When we realized the trees were almost growing over the door, we had to move her. So she lived in our barn with no heat or air along with the farm machinery.

After another 18 to 20 years, we built a new garage to be used to work on vehicles and machinery. At that time, we moved the '60 to the new garage where she finally was in heat and air. We both had drag race cars most of our life and the '60 was just parked and out of the way. Racing did not give any time for the '60 even though we talked about getting it out and cleaned up. But time goes by and the '60 still just sat.

In 2010, Bob started going down hill. As 2011 came, he became worse. He called one of our friends over and they discusse the '60. He wanted Shawn to do whatever she needs so I could have her to drive and take to car shows. It had to be loud.

She got a beautiful paint job, same color red and white, same paint as in 1960. Her motor, 4-speed, rear end, chrome came out and off the car. Her inside just needed cleaned. Shawn took her in May of 2011 and kept pushing everyone who worked on her so she could come back to us finished and loud. She came back in October, one week too late.

Her paint just shines. She is original, no rust to fix, original chrome sparkles. Her motor lets you know she is coming. It is so much fun to play with the gears and make her noise loud, just what Bob wanted. Her racing stickers on the back windows are original. Now people come up at car shows and remember her. Between Bob and her, she just generates comments and lots of talking.

She was parked from 1965 to 2011, 46 years. She survived with no problems just like when we parked her. As you can tell by the dates, I am not young at all. But I drive her just like she was. She is tucked in that heated garage right now just waiting for the weather so she can come out and sprout her wings again this year.

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