Ken L 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

2nd Chance at my Dream Car

Growing up, we had a 67 Pontiac Tempest 2dr hardtop as a family car. I always thought that was the best looking car and was upset when it was sold for a Datsun Station Wagon due to the "gas shortage". Little did I know at the time that a GTO version existed.

Around 1980, a gold 67 GTO convertible appeared on a repossession lot. I tried to convince my father into buying the car, but to no avail. About a year later, the same car showed up for sale about 1 mile from our body shop in NC. I was able to get the car and by this time, it needed quarter panel, rear body panel, and trunk floor repair. I proceeded with the restoration, despite the lack of reproduction parts at the time, for several years. Within a few months of transforming it to a black convertible (they were not worth as much then!), I sold the car as I was getting married.

I had always hoped to get another 67 GTO convertible, and my second chance occurred in May 2001, 12 years later. I was surfing the internet, typed in 67 GTO convertible, and this tyrol blue one turned up and was only 6 miles from my home. I met with the owner, scrutinized the car and decided to buy it. It was loaded with options, some which seemed rare for a convertible. The options include tilt, power windows, power trunk, power antenna, AM/FM, light group, power brakes, rally II's, air condition, rear speaker, rally gauges, vacuum guage, headrests, reclining seat.

As it turned out, the car had been a Dreamcruiser Giveaway Car in the mid-80's in a promotion by FOX21, Pepsi, and an Asheville, NC radio station. I have one of the color posters that was used in the promotion as well as letters from the studio/marketing firm and photographs of the car in the studio. Upon bringing the car home, my daughter who was about 10 at the time quickly informed me that it was going to be her car.

As it turns out, I still have the car 13 years later and have no plans to let this one go. We enjoy taking it to shows, cruse-in's and Sunday drives. It looks like it will be my daughters car one day...

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    Jim KC area, Missouri February 24, 2014 at 08:48
    Very nice car, I've had 4 GTOs over the years a 65 ( first car ) then 2 67s then a 70. Myself I think the 66 & 67 are the best looking GTOs out there. My parents owned a 67 Lemans 4 door which I ended up with when it was nearly a basket case in the 80's and sadly to say I was in to demolition derby's and that's where it met it's finale demise.

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