Gregory O 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Convertible

A Boys First Love



This story starts when I was 11 years old in Akron, Ohio on a cold winter day in February 1967,when I went with my Father to pick up the last new 1966 Ford sitting on the show room floor of a local Ford dealer. Actually my Father had had his eye on this car for months but the $3800 window sticker was a bit steep for a city fireman working part time at a gas station to take care of his family. My Father knew one of the salesman, and every time we were in the neighborhood of the Ford dealer he would stop in see his salesman friend and say "$2800 out the door", and the response was always "No way Jack". But as the new 67's rolled in and the weather turned cold, it was my Father's lucky day, and he finally got that brand new convertible for $2804 I have the bill of sale to prove it.

Fast forward to 1971, and I took my driving test in this car, had my first date, drove the 66 Gal to the prom, and drove it though most of college. By 1975 it was starting to look it's age, so I decided it was time to retire, but not get rid of the old Gal.So my Father agreed to keep it garaged until I could afford to take care of it properly. Fortunately I had a friend who worked for Ford so I used my spare change to by up door skins, trim and assorted other parts that would come in handy in the future.

When I finished college in the mid 70s the economy was pretty bad in Ohio so I started looking on both coasts for job opportunities. I ended up in Albany, New York and in 1987 I finally could afford to build a second garage and I took the Greyhound to Ohio to get the 66 Galaxie. My Father had given it a minimal amount of maintenance through the years, and all that went wrong on the 500 mile ride home was the water pump started to leak.In 1995 the car went though a compete restoration and as soon as it was done, I headed West on the other trip I might have taken after graduation and out the full length of Route 66 to the Santa Monica Pier in California. I've since traveled in the Galaxie from Cape Cod to Key West and a couple more trips down Route 66. Today the old Gal has 175,000 miles on the original never rebuilt 352 V8 4 Barrel 250 horse power engine, and you will still see me driving around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I am once again that 11 year old boy with his first love.

Gregory Oliver

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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