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This one "found me"

I always loved cars, actually anything with a combustion motor intrigued me. I was the first on my block to have a go-kart, then a mini bike, then the motor bike, then the motorcycle and then the automobile. Always sitting next to my dad as he worked on the car handing him tools. My older brother who was a product of the "50s", sort of your Jimmy Dean type guy was also a "Car Nut". He had a 1949 Ford that he cut the wheel wells out, put "boomerang" taillights in and, well it was simply cool. I was born in 1951 so at the age of 6 through 12 I would sit and watch my brother and his T-shirt - pegged blue jeans work on their rides, loved it. Now to my current car and story. While working on a 1974 Mercury Comet and in need of some parts, I found myself in need of a trunk lid and other miscellaneous parts. After some web searching I found a well known, well respected Mercury/Ford Comet/Maverick supplier out of Parkersburg, WV; known as "The Maverick Connection". I contacted him (Chuck) and he said he had what I needed. I drove the 180 mile one way (I'm in Ohio) with a friend of mine and stopped in at The Maverick Connection. While talking to the owner (Chuck) and getting what I needed I noticed a car in the garage covered up. Asking what it was Chuck told me that was his 1975 Ford Maverick "Interceptor". Not knowing that there was even a Maverick "Interceptor" I asked to see it. When he pulled the cover off I was impressed. High gloss, mirror finish black with a silver side stripe with the block letters: INTERCEPTOR on the rear quarter. But wait, this car looks great but it's a 4 door with the original tan vinyl and cloth interior. When I lifted the hood there sat a beautiful V8-302 with the "Police Interceptor" stickers. Also what stood out was the wheels which are off a late model Crown Vic. I'm telling you for a 4 door Maverick this was a sweet ride. Chuck said he worked on the car for years and it was a trophy winner that he loved. When I asked if it was for sale, he hesitated and said if the price was right but he isn't currently trying to sale. So, my friend and I left with my parts for the drive back to Ohio. All the way back my friend kept telling me you have to buy that car. He (my friend) knew that my love for classics remained but my work on them such as fabricating and major drive train work was diminishing I was looking for what I call the "Wash & Wax" classic, just something to enjoy. This Maverick fit the bill. Jump ahead 2 years. While sitting on my front porch I see coming down the street this cool looking car, it slows and pulls in my driveway. Wait, I've seen this car before. Wow! It's Chucks' Maverick "Interceptor" but it isn't Chuck driving it, it's my buddy who went down with me. He told me that he was talking to someone about the car, they said they were interested and since I wasn't attempting to purchase it he after negotiating a deal with Chuck bought it simply to "flip". Well the deal went sour and now he asked me if I was interested. Now I was, it was here in Ohio, I sold the Mercury I was working on and I was ready for another vehicle, and here in my driveway was the "Wash & Wax" classic I've been looking for. Although its a 4 door, it's a true eye catcher, thumbs up classic. Great car to drive, cruise anywhere you want to go. Easy to maintain and work on. My grandkids love it. The "Interceptor" stripe results in tons of questions. I'm thinking of etching in the side windows; "I know you had one"., everyone must at one time owned a Maverick. Although there isn't much to do on the car I'm thinking of installing some hidden Red/Blue strobes in the grill, WigWam head and taillights and make it look like a true "Police Interceptor". Those lights will be only displayed at local shows. But wouldn't it be cool to be pulled over by a 1975 Ford Maverick?

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    Greg VA February 27, 2014 at 17:29
    Cool story and good looking Maverick!
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    Ken Florida February 28, 2014 at 07:15
    You have a great looking Maverick. I have a 71 Grabber myself. Thanks for sharing your story...
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    Dianne Idaho February 28, 2014 at 10:54
    Great looking car! I'm working on a 1970 Maverick, plus 3 other cars, and I have to tell you that the Maverick is one of those cars that is not appreciated like a bowtie. Put a Nova next to a Maverick for the same year and you'll see that the Maverick has better lines and is just a better looking car!

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