Bobby S 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

Sitting in Park waiting for you

Some thirty years ago or so all the guys there in Druid Hill Park in Baltimore would hang out with our cars a watch the girls. There were the British cars (my bunch) the Z cars from 240's thru 280's Z cars from 240's thru 280's the V Dob , conversion vans etc. you get the picture. I started with a MG midget, then to GT6, on the the TVR that's when everyone stopped and took noticed. I had become the one to catch as we were very competitive when it came to our cars,and all knew it ,we had the bug . I went on to graduate in my mind to alfa 's spiders, Alfetta's ,BMW 2002's . Word was I changed cars like most of my friends changed socks. and on I went perhaps in the hundreds Iosing count along the way. One Sunday there it was driving up and he parked it we all gather around, no one more excited than myself . My friends to this day Eric, Lionel, George, Carl, Nick, Tim. and the guys own cousin Kim. That car was a 1955 Thunderbird and I had never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life I had become smitten, almost to the point of obsessed with having one of my own feeling it would so cool to have a car the exact same age as myself. Now I had a mission some time later much later I found my first one a 56 T bird , it had glass fiber fenders, glass pipes, but it was a T bird, Then I found and purchased a body of the frame totally restored Colonial White 57 and I felt that I was the most blessed man on the planet. Almost twenty years after that day there I was twenty hundred miles from my friends in that park realizing that dream that I never let go of. Well it was totaled and it has taken me almost 5 years to find one that could hold a candle to that car. This one had sat in a shipping container for 27 years, and came up for sale. The title had the original owner's signature on it and had not changed hands since 1968. It came to me in boxes of NOS parts it had be dismantled to restore, all original with no patch panels .I knew this was "the one" so I jumped in feet first . And now 4 years later, here it is a finished product beautifully restored better than factory and it is mine, all mine. How pleased. What a journey.


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