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"Babe" Stock 1967 Chevrolet SS 350 Numbers Matching Camaro

She was only a year old when I fell in love with this Camaro. I had to have her and liquidated almost everything I owned at the time just to purchased her.

I named her Babe. She's been in our family now for over 46 years. Babe always performed well with very little maintenance even though she was sometimes abused and misused.

She was versatile back then and had been used from everything to a truck that hauled hay on our farm to a bedroom for the kids when we traveled, even a kitchen when we ate on the run. She helped raise my kids and manage my home and she did it all with very little maintenance or complaints.

Babe never had the luxury of a garage, and over the years she fell victim to our rainy Northwest weather.

In May 2007, for sentimental reasons, we decided to have Babe restored, but by then the Camaro was so badly deteriorated and rusted that it didn’t even qualify for a parts car. We searched for restoration shops. All wanted the job but said that Babe was far to gone to save given what we could afford to spend. They recommended we just junk her.

This was a terrible blow because my husband and I had almost no mechanical skills what-so-ever to do the restoration ourselves. We finally got lucky and found a retired restoration shop owner willing to do the job at an affordable rate.

Three years later he had completely rebuilt the car to original specifications from the ground up. To date, Babe has less than 200 miles on her since restoration. She lives with us now as a beautiful show car and has earned Junior, Senior, and Preservation status with the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. She's been shown Concours and has numerous other awards.

The engine is the original SS 350. It has the original 4-speed Muncie transmission along with the same 12 bolt rear end. It was built the second week of November in Van Nuys California. The color is Bolero Red with a white stripe at the front and standard black interior.

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    Michael Campbell United States February 28, 2014 at 01:16
    Love your story. I just submitted the story of my car, very similar condition. My car was also built in Van Nuys, first week of Nov. 66, very possibly first day of Nov. I love to see these old cars restored/ rebuilt and put back on the road.

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