less e 1976 Toyota Celica GT 2dr Coupe

my work in progess

i been looking for this car long time but shortly after i got devorced i found this one at the doge dealer it over heated and cluch was shot but i had raceing motor for it all ready to go just been waiting for one the right price they wonted 1500 $ for the car way to much for the way it ran so i told them i buy it for 500$ and they thought i was joking i told them that when you cant get it off lot give me call. about week latter i get call asking if i still take it for 500$. thats been 24year ago and lots of changes me and her learned a lot over the year she got 79 350 4 bolt small block now with cut down ford rack and 86 t5 trans 16 in shoes 81 supra rear end 87 mr2 rear calipers front end is been redesined steers better than it ever has still need ton of stuff on it

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