Elaina L 1961 Studebaker Lark Regal 2dr Convertible

is Flarking really a word?!?

I heard about this car early in 2013 and decided from only seeing a photo that I had to have it. We made the trip to see the car in late May, made the deal and then had it shipped home. After some mechanical freshening up we were on the road by mid-summer. The Flamingo color makes the car that much more unique among the cruise and car show crowd. It is a survivor that except for one older repaint is an original. It's made multiple car club tours and we'll get a much earlier start this Spring. Driving my Flamingo Lark with the top down is known as Flarking (Flamingo Lark, get it?). So with only days left until my retirement begins I'm waiting for some nice weather so I can get the Flark out of here!

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