ron o 1972 Vega gt custom

finding what I thought was lost

While at our local drag strip, my son and I found a 1973 purple vega drag car. my son fell in love with it. we talked to the owner who informed me that the car and trailer were for sale. After a few days of thinking about it, and talking to my wife we bought the car. I purchased it without my son knowing,when I showed my son he went wild. the car was the key to spending quality father and son time together.We campaigned the car for 5 years, in division 7. we raced from phoenix to las vegas, to bakersfield ca.we won a wally in vegas and the pro bracket racing class at firebird int raceway in phoenix AZ. we had such a great time with the vega . At a bracket race one evening after a pass my son lost control and put it in the wall at 123mph,needless to say the car was wrecked, but my son walked away without a scratch,thank goodness.After that year my wife and I relocated to carlisle Pa, which is home to the best car show events on the east coast. while I was at the GM nationals event I found a 1972 vega gt custom,which I did purchase, so Ifound what I thought I lost, the great memories that I had with my son and that car seem to live on ,thanks for the opportunity to tell this story.

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