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Trip from hell to pick up bird

It all started back in 2004. I asked my sister to look at a 63 T bird in Nevada when she lived there. This was a very nice car and I really fell in love with the body style of that car. I tried and tried to figure out how to get it and I came to the fact I could afford the car and not the shipping at that time. In 2007 my father passed on and left me enough money to look again. I found this car on E bay and really studied it for many days. I had looked for other cars and decided to stay with the T bird. I showed it to the wife and she said that is the right car. Beautiful Cascade green w/black vinyl top and a Landau w/ wood grain dash and all original w/low miles. I won the car and set up a time to pick it up in Milwaukee WI. The Friday we left was a hot sunny day in Minnesota. About one third of the way there Interstate 94 came to a stop! We were stuck in a huge traffic jam. Asked a trucker who had a CB radio what was going on. Turns out there was a chemical spill from a truck that rolled over. We were planning to get the car around 4pm. After 41/2 hours the traffic was finally detoured around the spill and we didn't get the car till 10pm. the owner met us at a filling station, and filled the tank because the station closed at 10. After all was said and done we made it back home at 5am the next day. Cleaned the car up and it was a beauty. Since then I have rebuilt the motor, trans and redone everything under the hood. Two years ago I recovered the seats and after doing some research found out that only about 85 cars were made in the color combination of mine. The car is now driven to many car shows in MN and WI and I also drove it to a show in Longmont CO in 2010. We will keep this car for many more years of enjoyment!!!

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    dave mi February 22, 2014 at 13:36
    I share your passion for t-birds, I've had five. they were fords flag ship for a long time. they had alot of advanced styling and luxury. which today makes for a great cruiser. also you don't see many at shows like alot of other makes. enjoy, dave.

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