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The love for a girl and a "rat"

I am the proud owner of a very rare piece of American Muscle Car history. In early 1970, just out of high school, i went down to my local Chevrolet dealer and special ordered a 1970 Chevelle Super Sport LS6, with all the options i wanted. Unlike most guys my age, 18 at the time, i opted for a turbo 400 trans instead of a 4 speed, and bench seat instead of buckets. I also wanted the special domed hood minus the " cowl induction flap ". I selected a column shift instead of floor shifter. It is Cranberry Red with White Strips. I purchased the vehicle for the sole purpose of drag racing, and consequently had the name "JUNGLE RAT" installed on the rear quarter panels in gold leaf. A few weeks after ordering my Chevelle, i met good looking brunette named Dawn and we began dating. Little did i know this little brunette would turn out to be my wife and soul mate. I also didn't realize at the time, that the tomboy she was would prove to be my racing partner. Soon after we started dating, Wednesdays. and Saturdays would be spent at Orange County Int'l Raceway. She loved to drive, and was very good at it, and i loved to work on making the car deliver quicker e.t.'s. In the summer of 1970 i won the "All Points Meet" at O.C.I.R. in SS/DA. In 1971 Dawn repeated that victory. While attending Katella high school, she signed up for auto shop and was told " girls are not allowed to take auto shop". So, in late 1971 she entered herself in "High School Championship Drags". The event was held at O.C.I.R. While driving the "JUNGLE RAT" she finished third out of multiple rounds of competition and over 300 cars entered! The Orange County Register did an article on her, and the very next year, Anaheim Unified School District began allowing girls to take auto shop. Imagine that, my girlfriend and my LS6, changing school policy! We continued drag racing until the close of Orange County Int'l Raceway in 1983. We were also members of Orange County Street Racers, with Big Willie as our president. Many a Sunday night was spent racing until daybreak, just in time to shower and go to work. Between street racing, drive in movies, drag strip racing, and just going to work and back, Dawn and i spent hours in that Chevelle. To me, it was not just transportation. I had a relationship with my car as well as Dawn. Dawn and i were married on February 25th 1972, and we are going to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary next week. I still own my Chevelle and it is still an integral part of Dawn's and my relationship. Even though we have retired from drag racing, we still attend a half dozen or more car shows every year. We enjoy reminiscing about the "Good Old Days", and what a different era it was. Our lives have been blessed with so many stories, and events,throughout the years, that only a "classic" vehicle could have provided.

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