Jerry N 1970 Ford Ranchero, GT, 429 Cobra Jet, 4 speed

The graduation Ranchero

I was scheduled to graduate from college in May of 1970. I had a good job while attending school and had saved up some money. I was also racing motorcycles at the same time. The ads came out in early fall of 69 for the 1970 models and when I saw the new Ranchero, I had to have one.

I proceeded to Luke's Motors in Florence Colorado and ordered a GT model with 4 speed, 429 Cobra Jet engine in black with yellow/orange laser stripe. It arrived on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas. I ordered it with no AC and no power steering since it would be on the highway quite a bit. Also a bench seat, so two racers and mechanic could travel.

It was driven almost every Friday night to Denver, to Albuquerque, Kansas and Aspen for motorcycle races with my 125 Yamaha in the back.

Then when we got married in1972, a friend built a weather/thief proof box for the back and we drove it to Mazatlan Mexico on our honeymoon. Oh, and a 175 Yamaha in the back for sightseeing.

I still have it and it has 57,000 miles on the odometer and it has never been wrecked. It is all stock except for Ansen mags and air shocks. There were only 202 made that were equipped like this. I drive it on nice days and to a show every once in a while. I'm not sure of the value since there just aren;t any going across the auctions, but have it insured for Hagerty's max.

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