Renald D

The getaway car

I was sixteen years old when I got my first car, a 1975 Firebird Formula 400. My father and I were looking for a project. We both knew the car was in bad shape but I was crazy about it. I had never seen a car like this one. The distinctive hood scoops, the rear spoiler, the Hurst shifter and formula steering wheel, all these features overshadowed the fact that it was rusty and falling apart.

Both of us had no experience in restoring old cars but we did most of the work ourselves. We relied a lot on my uncle who is a mechanic and my grandfather let us use his workshop on the weekends.

After high school, college, starting a career and four moves later we manage to finish. That’s eleven years later. We used parts of a Trans am, another Formula and new OER parts to complete the project.

My Firebird is great but it’s the memories with my dad that are truly special. Last summer, on my first drive, I turned to my fiancée and said “it was so worth it”. We are high school sweethearts and we are getting married this summer. It will mean a lot to us and to my family when we take my Firebird as our getaway car.

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