Russell C 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II 100 2dr Sedan

My THREE Sons.. & I...

Back in the 70's I had a couple different "66 Chevy II Nova's as drivers. I always had to trade in when going to another car as"LIFE" happened. As my family grew I always told myself that I'd get another one "someday". It was a long time coming but after my children.. Three boys and two girls were out of school and on their own, I was finally able to put the $$$ together to start looking for a PROJECT car. I finally found a rolling, complete body, a 2 dr sedan. My oldest boy and I made a 4 day trip out west to haul it home on a trailer. We started tearing it down to do a major rebuild.. everything came off the body..suspension and brakes were replaced. Body panels were replaced as needed.. trim was straightened and polished. My boys and daughter , brothers, and friends ALL pitched in as needed. Most of the help from my family was on weekends as I live an Hour away from my boys. We scrounged thru old salvage lots looking for replacement old stock parts to rebuild and replace worn-out ones. I located a "date correct" 327 engine block to be rebuilt by a LOCAL engine shop..a transmission also from a salvage yard, went to a Trans Shop to be rebuilt. all started coming together after about 2 1/2 years. My 3 sons and I spent a lot of time teaching each other the old ways (from me to them)and NEW ways (from them to me) as they were working in Auto body shops. The body work got done and the rolling body was taken down to the shop my boys worked at, it was FINALLY going into PAINT..2 years and 4 months after we brought it home. Now to decide on a color.. so many choices... Silver..Blue..Dk Blue..? Then my youngest son says to me "'ve always told us a car should ALWAYS be the right COLOR" ,which was Artesian Turqouise the origional "66 Chevy color. So it was settled.. we added a White top to break it up a it painted. Only 6 weeks later the car was together and back on the road. My boys and I and my wife have put on many miles and have had many good times in it since then. One Saturday night, not to long after getting it back on the road my wife and I were out for a drive and a guy waved me over at a stop light.He comes up to the car and says "How much..?" I answered "How much what.. horsepower.?" He responds " much for the car.. this is beautiful ".. I replied.."It's NOT for sale".. He replied.."Everything is for your price".. I answered .. "My 3 sons and I restored this car..My middle son painted it.. the time we spent together in the garage could NEVER be replaced by any amount of money". I drive the "66 Chevy II" with Thanks Boys lettered on the trunk.. It has been on the Power Tour SEVERAL different years and will continue to be driven when I am gone. Get them out and DRIVE THEM...

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    Michael Campbell United States February 27, 2014 at 19:10
    Good job on the story Russ.

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