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My '67 Shelby GT-350 dream car found

It was 1968 in Fayetteville, NC. I was a Junior in college. Fayetteville was the home of the 82nd Airborne and it was the height of the Viet-Nam war. There were many 1st and 2nd Lieutenants in town all waiting to be shipped over seas to Viet- Nam. many of these guys had Shelby's. They seemed to be everywhere. I met one of these 1st Lt's. and we became friends. He had a green 1967 Shelby GT-350 that I loved. Being a college kid, I could only dream of one day owning one of these fine cars. That day came in 1991, approximately 17 miles from my home. I was collecting WWII Military vehicles at the time and I received a lead on a1940 Ford Military staff car that was for sale in a near by town. I made an appointment to see the car but when I arrived, parked in a barn with the '40 Ford was this original green 1967 Shelby GT-350. A real barn find. Unfortunately it was not for sale at that time. Fast forward to 1998. I had always wondered what ever happened to that Shelby. One day in '98 I went back to that town and found the barn where the car once was but found out the owner no longer lived there but had moved a couple miles away. I located his home and after talking with him for a while, found out that he still had the car and this time it was for sale. I went home and discussed the possibly of purchasing the car with my wife and she agreed that if I could get the money together then I could buy it. I was able to sell a few items from my military collection, enough to purchase the car. That was in 1998 and the car is still in by possession. In 2011, my Shelby won third place in the popular car vote at a 36 national Shelby American Automotive Club (SAAC) convention. Also in 2011, It was selected as the model for a lithograph painting for the deluxe edition of the 1965-1967 Shelby Registry. The car is a survivor, all original with the exception of one re-paint back in 1992. It will always be in my collection along with my 1965 Mustang GT "K" code coupe and my 2008 Shelby GT. My twin sons are looking forward to one day be the Shelby's caretaker for years to come..

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