Mary S 1985 Chevrolet El Camino Conquista 2dr Pickup

It had been a dream vehicle for years...

I had 2 friends in NJ who owned El Camino's. One was a restaurant owner who was a car guy & the other was a new friend that I met in 2001 who passed away in 2003.

My husband & I moved down south to Alabama & couldn't beleive all the classic cars that are rust down here to speak of, compared to having lived in the NY metropolitan area our entire lives.

He started a new job & was driving through the town of Dothan & saw the El Camino in a used car lot on a Monday, it looked pretty good from the street. He drove past it for 2 more days & decided to stop & look at it. He test drove it, it had a 305, bench seat & what looked to be 68k miles. We talked about it, it was one of MY dream cars. On Thursday, they put a price tag on the windshield, $6000. He came home & told me, we called about the car, made an appointment to look at it the next day after work. I took $5000 out of the bank. We test drove it again & then negotiated the deal for the $5k in cash & the car was MINE! Mag wheels & everything.

The following year, my husband had to go north back to NJ for work for several months & he took the car with him so that he would have transportation to & from work. At the end of the job, he put a 350 in the car, with an overdrive trans & a bunch of other stuff that I have no idea of....and the car goes like a rocket.

He had a custom made license plate holder made for me that reads "Momma's Toy".

Anywhere either one of us drives it, we always get a thumb's up or someone will ask about the car.

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