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Crazy little thing called Love!

It was the summer of 69, well actually it was the summer of 2009. My husband had just taken me for lunch, and we were driving back to the office when I saw her, the car of my dreams, a 64 Plymouth Valiant convertible. Ya, I know what you are thinking...What!?!

I've never been the sort of girl who follows the crowd, I march to my own drum....thank you!

Anyways, there she was, in all her rusted out glory, my husband looked at me like I was from another planet when I begged him to turn around, he wouldn't be diverted for that basket case, and not the crazed ravings of his alien wife in the passenger seat either. But despite all his good intentions, I would not waiver. By Christmas the car was mine.

So what do you do when your wife brings home a rust bucket, basket case convertible? You look deep into her doe eyes and completely cave in.

There we were, my loving husband and myself, checking over my dream car. Even though she was more rust and bondo then metal, my husband looked at me and said " Okay, you are officially crazy, but we'll do it." So began the two year journey from basket case to dream car.

This journey has tested our limits, our patience, our strength, our bank account, but in the end it was worth ever drip of sweat, every swear word spoken, every dollar spent. My husband is a retired army mechanic, so much of the hard work was his burden. But he never gave up, he continued to toil day and night to give me my dream car, from cutting out the rusty quarters and floors, to welding in the new sheet metal, to laughing at me as I struggled to recover the seats, encouraging me as I polished miles of stainless trim. We prepped the body for paint, and while I was at work, he painted her, my surprise when I got home was overwhelming. Just a few short weeks until our city's all out car weekend....Street machine weekend.

So in the end, my story is just your plain old typical love story. No glass slipper, but a beautiful coach to ride in for the ball. Love of a car, love of a husband, who will go to any lengths for his wife. How do you ever repay that much love....well a good start is giving your husband his dream car...a 52 Chev sedan delivery. You see...a match made in car heaven.

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