Chris B 1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner 2dr Convertible

This ones gonna be painted RED!

My father started letting me help him work on the old cars when I was about six or seven. I used to hold the fender or fetch wrenches for him. After restoring numerous old Fords from 1922 on up to the 1950's we purchased a Rusty old 1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible. All of our other cars had alway's been painted a light color, tan or yellow were my dads favorite colors. He would alway's say that lighter colors didn't show the bad bodywork! My dads nickname for my mom was Betty Boop, She took a liking to this particular car and when my dad said he was going to paint the 53 Gray my mom put her foot down and said " This Ones Going to be painted RED!!!! So we painted her Porsche Red and named her Betty Boop in honor of my mom. She was born on the Fourth Of July and every year for over 18 years they put the 53 in our local Fourth of July Parade. I painted Betty Boop in our driveway over thirty years ago and she still looks beautiful, Mom's passed away last year, they were together over 68 years. But pop and I still drive the car that mom told us to paint RED. Whenever I miss my mom I just get out Betty Boop and take her for a spin...

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