David G 57 Chevy Bel Air 2Dr Hdtp

Old Cars and New ones

I have a 57 Bel Air Hardtop. Sometimes I go cruising with a friend of mind who has a 90 thousand dollar Mercedes, It seems where ever we go no one notices his car and they all want to look and talk about mine. Also no one can tell the differences between the new cars. They all look alike. Some of the new cars are suposed to be "full size" but are really small inside, I am over 6 feet tall and my 2 sons are approx the same size. All 3 of use can ride in the front seat with room to spare. My car is not, and never will be a trailer Queen. I drive, in all kinds of weather. As one of my friends allways says, It's not made of suger, It won't melt.

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