Colonel H 1941 Series 62 4-door Convertible Sedan

Cruisin' in the Caddie!

My three sons' grandfather owned a 1941 Series 62 4 door Cadillac Convertible (last year they made a 4 door convertible). Many times, he took my sons and me for rides when we visited. The boys loved to wave at everyone we met. I loved this car from the moment I saw it first.... I mentioned to Grandpa Dave that if he ever decided to sell it, I would love to have the opportunity. Thirty years later, he got in touch, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I had a frame up restoration done on the Caddie, it looks like it did in it's hey-day! My sons and I still love to go out cruising in it!

This car is special for many reasons. Cadillac only made 400 of these, and it was made before WWII. The car is all original, and I will pass it on to my sons.

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