Les A 2004 H.D. Road King Classic

A 2 wheel "classic"

Growing up in Chicago, I wasn't really into motorcycles much. I always liked muscle cars, but one day, in the spring of 2007, a friend calls and tells me that this guy he knows was desperate to sell his bike due to his financial problems. This H.D. Road King Classic only had 4000 miles on it. So I drove about an hour to get there w/my mechanic (friend Glen). He gave me the thumbs up, I bought it and he test rode it home for me! I have added alot of chrome and also had the bike repainted to the same factory/original pearl w/a little extra blue tint in the paint. It's show room condition and every time I ride I think of my long lost sister "Laura". She once owned a H.D. Sportster and I would always complain about it being too dangerous to ride in the city, go figure, she past away from something else 10 years ago last month? Well, she's always there w/me when I'm riding!

Thanks Les

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