Natalie D 1966 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Hardtop Town Coupe

We couldn't let this "Bird' fly away!!

My dad, Frank D'Amico was a Ford salesman from the early sixties until his retirement in the late 80's, so weekends were spent riding around in what ever dealer car he drove home, from Mustangs to T Birds to the family SUV of its time, the 9 passenger Country Squire.

But my favorite was the Thunderbird, either a '65 or '66.

A few years ago, my husband and I began a search for a Thunderbird of that era.

We found a few, but none were quite right, and I knew in my heart we would find just the right one, one day

Last year, the day before Fathers Day, we saw a 1966 T Bird in a guy's front lawn about 3 blocks from our house, a pretty silver mink metallic color (it looks silver in daylight and blue during the evening).

We got out to take a look, and she was beautiful , the body was in great shape, so I feared for the interior.

To our delight, the interior was pristeen, black upholstery,lots of chrome and with the infamous "swing away steering wheel"

The current owner handed over the keys and we took her for a ride., and what a ride it was.

We talked a bit and then we headed home to discuss our find.

After Father's Day brunch, the following morning, we headed back over to make an offer, because I knew if we didn't make the offer right then, this bird would fly away from us , and we knew this was the car for us

Two days later, she cruised home to her new garage, and I immediately got out every wax, chrome cleaner , white wall cleaner and made this baby shine

My greatest find was the original 1966 owners manual, telling me she was a California car, purchased in July 1966 from a woman in Pasadena.

After hours and hours of research, I was not only able to uncover information of the original owner, but scored a picture of her!

So now , we go to our local cruise nights and attend a few local shows and I proudly display my story and pictures that tell of the Bird's flight from her home in Pasadena to our home in Rochester, NY

Dad is no longer with us, but everyone who sees the car, and knew my father, says "Frank would be proud", and I know he is

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