Marsha D 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

My First Purchased Car

After my 59 sport fury Plymouth, baby blue/white, push button auto, big fins, power steering that my parents let me use during high school (graduate of 1969 Bartlesville, OK, College High School, GO Wildcats!) I majored in partying 101 at NEO for 2 semesters on my parents dime, well Kansas was only 12 miles or so and 18 was legal to buy beer etc, I finally at age 20 had a job where I worked and was making $1.65/hr I went to a used car place and bought my own very first used car. I had picked out a 641/2 mustang, bronze in color, 4 speed manual, rally pack, radio, factory air. Of course you might say that the ford mustang really didn't come out until 1965 but mine had a generator that "ate" many brushes over the years I owed it!and they replaced it with an alternator in 1965. Bought for $500 and traded it in after I graduated from RN diploma school in 1977 for the same amount. My first new car was a 1977 Toyota Celica with the louvers on the back hatch window--the salesman said it really looked a lot like a fastback mustang! I hope who ever bought my pony had as many wonderful times in it as I did and I pray it is still out there making the owner/ people smile!!just like it made me. But I do somewhere have one of the original keys.

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