Tom L 1998 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2dr Coupe

My Dream Ride

I had a 1968 Nova SS in high school and drove it through my college years. When I finished college I restored it Back to new condition. It sat in my driveway and I rarely drove it. When I lost my job I sold it to someone who stopped by my house and made me an offer. Since I needed the money I made the mistake and sold it and regretted it ever since. Later in life after I had more money I was going to fly up north and buy the style Nova SS except with AC. I had a check in hand and found this Camaro Z28 here for even a better price. I then fell in love with car as I had always wanted a Z28 so I bought this car and saved the trip north. Down here in Texas AC is very important to have as it gets very hot. well That's my story.

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