Greg G 1964 Ford Falcon

My Dad's First New Car!

This car was originally purchased by my father in April of 1964 at Shulte Ford Sales, Inc. in Glen Burnie, Maryland. It was his first new car and he was extremely proud of it. He saved the original window sticker and dealer invoice.

The purchase price was $2,417.50.

The two tone paint was Cascade Green with Wimbledon White and cost $19.40.

The engine was a 170 CID Special and cost $16.80.

It had the manual 3 speed transmission with a "3 on the tree" column shifter. (Included)

The all vinyl trim cost $25.00.

The white side wall tires (600 X 13) were $29.90.

The rocker panel mouldings were $16.10.

And the 13" metal wheel covers were $16.00.

I was eight years old when he brought it home. This was a huge purchase for my Dad. He was a 28 year old working man with a wife and three young boys to support. I remember him bringing home a bright red Fairlane prior to buying the Falcon but he thought it was too big and too expensive. (When I ribbed him later on as an adult about not buying the new Mustang he told me that the back seat was too small!) It was our only family vehicle for many years and we put the "Built Ford Tough" slogan to the test on many occasions. There were at least two times that I remember packing up the entire family and our dog to drive across the U.S. to visit my Grandparents in Sacramento, CA. Then my Dad got transferred and we hooked up a U-Haul trailer to the bumper and moved to Sacramento ourselves. The little Falcon was dragging it's butt pulling that load for 3,000 miles!

When I turned 16 I took my driving test in this car and didn't give my parents a moments rest until they finally ended up giving me the keys. From there the "Built Ford Tough" Falcon was in for an extremely tough real world test. It was never in a collision but the little six cylinder and light duty drive train was tortured daily for the next few years. I lost track of how many transmissions I exchanged. Maybe it was from the constant burn outs at almost every stop!

Anyway, I somehow managed to keep the car in one piece through my teen years and actually kept it as my main vehicle into my adult life. About twenty years ago I started my restoration and today it is a great joy to both me and my father. In it's current state about the only original parts of the car are the body and the dash. I think it has all of the original side glass also. It's been modified with a 289 V8, a T5 manual transmission and a Ford 9" posi rear axle to mention a few. The upholstery is all custom and we tried to match the paint as close to the original colors as possible. The car is a blast to drive!

But my favorite part of this car's story is the fact that it is still my Dad's first new car!

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