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I've had a lot...kept a few

I have been a "gear head" from way back when, graduated from high school in 1970 went on to work at a number of dealerships through my early years and opened my own shop in 1978, I have two adult "kids" and both grew up in the surrounds of auto life. Not too long ago we were talking about how many cars "Dad owned" and came up with a true number of 115, yes some were a buy it one day and sell it the same day, some were "I'll never sell this one" and did. But my two favoite cars were my 1969 Z28 (numbers matching) camaro and the other is my 1956 Chevy Delray (which I still own...now for 26 years) It is far from stock, I'm runnig a stoker 496 front of a super T-10 trans, disc brakes, late model power steering and all the billett/chrome whistle and bells! My Son and Daughter are both wondering who will end up with it and have asked me when I'll give it up, my comment is when I can't walk or see any more, they asked me when that might be :)

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