Tim F

I can afford a car like that

I first saw my 57 Bel Air parked on the side of M24 on my way up to my property in Lapeer county 2 weeks before the dream cruise 15 years ago. It was such a good looking car I thought to myself "I can't afford a car like that." I saw the car there again the next week and again I thought to myself "I can't afford a car like that." After the third week of seeing the car parked there on the side of M24 I mentioned it to my wife Linda and she said "Wht don't we go look at it?" so off we went the next day to look the car over. Uppon arrival and reading the sign in the window stating an asking price of $9000 O.B.O. I said "I CAN afford a car like that!" I wrote the number down and we went home to call the owner. I made arrangements to meet thim at the car the next day and after a short negotiation (I really wanted the car so I didn't haggle much on the price) I gave him a deposit and stated I would be back the next day with the rest of the money.

That's how I got my 1057 4 door hardtop we call Peggy Sue. I've loved owning her ever since and she has always been a head turner.

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